My name is Clare Thompson. I am an Illustrator and Visual Storyteller based in North-West England.


I  create handmade artwork and publish graphic novels, comics and picturebooks under my independent label C.P.Thompson Press.

I like to experiment with composition and form. I often look for ways to combine different handmade techniques either to enhance a narrative message or create elements of juxtaposition. 


Through my chosen media, I aim to explore what it is to be human, particularly in a digital, material age. Our inbuilt desire to be connected to nature,  ideas around play and creativity, societal structures and relationship dynamics are themes that fascinate me and that I seek to examine in my work. 

 If you would like to see examples of my work you can take a look at the Portfolio and Book Projects pages.


You can also read more about my books and creative practice on the Blog page.

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