C.P. Thompson Press

I have been creating and publishing illustrated books independently under micro-publishing label C.P. Thompson Press since 2017


Below is a list of book projects I have worked on and published so far.

In addition to the publications listed here, I also regularly publish booklets and create resources around the theme of creative play as part of my work as one half of Naturally Creative Early Years, you can find these for sale alongside all of the picturebooks listed below on our early years website and shophttps://www.naturallycreative.net


From the Shadows (2022)

Suitable for all ages

As we follow a child’s journey through waking and sleeping hours, an imaginative dream world emerges from the shadows...

While providing a stimulus for shadow play, transient art, outdoor creativity and enquiry into nature, From the Shadows shows how adult reassurance and a growing understanding of the world enables us to overcome fears and approach our experiences with joy and curiosity once inner calm is restored.

Transient Rhymes and Jingles (2021)

Suitable for all ages

Twenty traditional nursery rhymes and jingles re-imagined through transient art!

Rain Child (2021)

Suitable for all ages

The story follows an enthusiastic child and an initially reluctant grown-up as they venture outdoors into the wild, watery landscape of a rainy day...

Created using transient methods with natural loose parts and watercolour paintings.

The Visitors (2020)

Suitable for all ages

Clutching their precious finds, the Visitors travel above treetops and below the forest floor through underground tunnels to a dark cave. But who lives there and why do they need to be visited?


The Visitors is a wordless story told through arranging natural loose parts. It shows the beauty and abundance of materials found in nature and may inspire you to embark on your own adventure into transient storytelling!

The Gingerbread Man- A Transient Tale (2020)

Suitable for all ages


Do you know the classic story of the Gingerbread Man? 


The traditional tale has been reimagined and told through transient storytelling with loose parts and speech bubbles. 

JUNK DNA (2019)

Suitable for all ages

In the beginning there was nothing but the vast night sky... and a giant pile of junk! But the magic happened in one fateful moment. ..a few pieces fell from the pile and landed in just the right place to create a being. A conscious being with the potential for love, creativity, greed and deception...


Junk DNA is a 32 page wordless comic. It has been created from the arrangement of recycled loose parts including nuts, bolts, old scrap metal items, keys, spanners, spark plugs, light bulbs, watch parts and torn paper. I created the book in this way in order to show how loose parts can be used to great effect in storytelling and how simple techniques can carry complex messages with a little imagination...

Garden Treasures  (2019)

Suitable for all ages

This picturebook explores the beauty and diversity of natural materials found in nature, illustrated with hand painted observational studies throughout, Garden Treasures invites us to slow down and notice the continual cycle growth and change that his happening all around us in the natural world.

Beach Treasures  (2018)

Suitable for all ages

Exploring the beauty and diversity of natural materials found in nature, Beach Treasures  is made up of 20 observational paintings of beautiful and curious objects found on the beach.


The short text explores the possibilities for creative play in nature and asks the question "what is treasure?"

Nature's Colour Palette  (2018)

Suitable for all ages

Offering an array of exquisite photographs of the natural world, this unique colour book invites you to slow down with your child and observe the beauty and diversity of colours found in the natural environment. Also includes inspirational ideas for using this book to create outdoor learning opportunities!

A collaborative project with teacher and Early Years Consultant Ann Thompson and Photographer, Gaynor Davies

Illustrated Stories, Comics and Poetry