I have been creating and publishing illustrated books independently under micro-publishing label C.P. Thompson Press since releasing my first collaborative project, a graphic novel titled Stormcaller in late 2017. I have a passion for visual storytelling and I am continually experimenting with new ideas and techniques.


Below is a list of book projects published so far, with links to where copies are available:



When Stormcaller blows into your life, you may have more than a spell of turbulent weather to deal with...can you face the storm? ​

Written by Paul Thompson, illustrated by myself, Stormcaller is about a series of initially curious but ultimately terrifying events that overtake the citizens of a small, unidentified town as they go about their daily lives. These events coincide with the arrival in town of a bizarrely dressed and unspeaking stranger... Or do they?

Stormcaller reveals how insubstantial the ties of common humanity and civilised society can be when things don't quite go the way they should...


The 96 page,  full colour book is an experimental hybrid between a comic and a short story. The use of atmospheric ink and watercolour images coupled with the interplay of narrative text and dialogue add to the increasing tension throughout the story. 

If you would like to buy a copy of Stormcaller it is available in the following places:

C.P Thompson Press - Etsy Shop

C.P Thompson via Amazon


JUNK DNA (2019)

In the beginning there was nothing but the vast night sky... and a giant pile of junk! But the magic happened in one fateful moment. ..a few pieces fell from the pile and landed in just the right place to create a being. A conscious being with the potential for love, creativity, greed and deception...


Starting life as a completely experimental project, Junk DNA arose from me wondering if it was possible to tell a whole coherent story purely through arranging objects. Junk DNA is a 32 page wordless comic. It has been created from the arrangement of recycled loose parts including nuts, bolts, old scrap metal items, keys, spanners, spark plugs, light bulbs, watch parts and torn paper. I created the book in this way in order to show how loose parts can be used to great effect in storytelling and how simple techniques can carry complex messages with a little imagination...

The book is available here if you would like to buy a copy:


The Visitors (2020)

Clutching their precious finds, the Visitors travel above treetops and below the forest floor through underground tunnels to a dark cave. But who lives there and why do they need to be visited?


The Visitors is my second wordless story told through arranging loose parts, this time, natural. It shows the beauty and abundance of materials found in nature and may inspire you to embark on your own adventure into transient storytelling!

The book is available here if you would like to buy a copy:



A collaborative project with Frisson Comics writer, Tom Smith, Blue Collars is a comic series set in a future society where totalitarianism hides under the guise of philanthropy.

Through the creation of Blue Collars we are considering what a society would look like if we emphasised the extremes of capitalist ideology. What if the ideals of materialism, hierarchy and a "dog eat dog" mentality were pushed even further than they are now? What would such a society look like to the people on the ground and what can this exploration ultimately tell us about the world we live in today?

Click here to download a free PDF of Blue Collars Issue One

Physical copies of issues 1&2 are available here

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